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superhero-employee copyWhy take this workshop?

It’s no secret that millions of people stay in work situations they don’t like. Some feel paralyzed by fear. Some think they aren’t good enough to get what they really want. Others see themselves blocked by outside forces, or make a few attempts to change, but then give up. In stories, these are all challenges that Heroes deal with. They start out afraid, feeling unworthy and lost. But they overcome their fear and take action. That is what this course is about – helping you take action. Positive, real-world steps towards achieving a meaningful career.

How will it help my career?

This intense, active workshop uses Joseph Campbell’s concept of the Hero’s Journey: the Ordinary World, the Refusal of the Call, Crossing the Threshold, Mentors, Tests, Allies, and the Return with the Prize. Participants examine their own working lives from the viewpoint of these psychologically profound stages to take immediate action for change.

What does it cover?

Career Hero will help you:

Start the journey towards a new career as you:

  • Describe where you are now
  • Identify what is blocking you
  • Take the first steps forward

Move forward as you:

  • Define who can help you
  • Identify major challenges
  • Prepare for key moments

Refuse to give up as you:

  • Acknowledge that there will be bumps along the way
  • Overcome the last hurdles
  • Maintain forward momentum

What will you come away with?

Career Hero is not a motivational talk. It is an intense, active workshop that helps people identify the immediate and long-term actions needed for successful and meaningful career growth, as well as ways to start achieving them right away.

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