Old Problems, New Solutions


Old Problems, New Solutions-600Why take the course?

When staff fail to come up with new solutions, at some level they have already given up. This can turn even routine challenges into unsolvable problems. It is a clear indication that something more deep-seated is at play. Through a process of reframing—changing our attitude toward specific issues—we can learn to see old problems from a new perspective.

Who should take this course?

Anyone in a decision-making capacity—at any level within the organizational structure—can learn to bring a new point of view to old problems.

What does it cover?

Old Problems, New Solutions uses a variety of communication, creativity and conflict-solving approaches to:

  • develop new communication skills
  • practice brainstorming sessions in which everyone is free to air their ideas
  • reset the balance within groups, allowing for new ideas and possibilities to take root

What will participants come away with?

Old Problems, New Solutions will give participants a new way of looking at issues that confront them. It will also provide a renewed sense of team spirit and the feeling that they can handle many more problems—whether within their own team or for their clients.

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