Interpersonal Communication at Work


Interpersonal Communication-800Why take the course?

Some people are natural communicators. They draw people in and get the most out of each encounter. For others, simply engaging people in conversation can be a challenge. Sales people who don’t listen to a client’s real problems. Managers who don’t communicate their requirements well. Employees who retreat into stubbornness and conflict. It reduces workplace satisfaction, and it definitely lowers productivity.

Who should take this course?

This course is for participants who want to increase their ability to create real dialogue that achieves its objectives. The idea is to increase workplace clarity and improve productivity and satisfaction.

What does it cover?

We start by looking closely at what participants do well and what they could do better when communicating and listening. The course follows a logical progression of surprisingly simple techniques, as participants:

  • learn to listen to themselves while they speak
  • discover how others perceive them when they speak
  • learn to respond to the core of what others say

What will participants come away with?

Participants come away with a set of skills that enable them to speak clearly and listen well. They will be able to resolve and prevent misunderstandings, achieve greater clarity in the workplace, and improve satisfaction and productivity.


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