Presenting with Impact


presenting with impact

Why take this course?

Whatever type of business you’re in, you can gain a serious competitive edge by delivering presentations with impact. In fact, engaging your audience and keeping them interested is fundamental if you want to communicate your ideas well and create real change. Effective presenters know this, and they use a learnable set of real-world skills to achieve their goals.

Who should take this course?

Presenting with Impact is ideal for anyone who gives – or would like to give – presentations in the workplace. Participants typically want to reduce anxiety, appear physically relaxed and speak calmly and clearly.

What does it cover?

Presenting with Impact uses a step-by-step approach with real-time filming and feedback to help participants deliver powerful and convincing presentations, as they learn how to:

  • Reduce anxiety and take control of the presentation
  • Use eye contact, voice and body language to create impact
  • Manage the audience to keep people listening

What will participants come away with?

Participants will come away with a greater ability to present with confidence and impact. They’ll be presenting like professionals in no time.

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