Public Speaking with Confidence


Public Speaking with Confidence-800Why take the course?

Sometimes doing business means stepping out of the office and speaking in larger settings. Whether you plan to deliver a keynote address, make a speech, or talk during a conference or event, you always want to make the best impression you can. Great public speakers do this by understanding what they want to say, knowing where their public speaking strengths lie, and allowing their authentic presence to shine through.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to make a strong impression on their audience. In general, it will better suit people who have some experience in public speaking.

What does it cover?

Public Speaking with Confidence starts with the participant’s existing ability to deliver a presentation and then moves forward teaching them how to:

  • build on individual style to find their own voice
  • engage the audience to create immediate interest
  • balance seriousness with levity to ensure impact

What will participants come away with?

Participants will come away with a new set of real-world skills and the ability to speak powerfully to any audience—and leave a lasting impression.


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