Storytelling with Impact


Why take this course?

There is no doubt about it – storytelling has captured the imaginations of business leaders across the globe. Adding business-focused storytelling techniques to any communication can help deliver powerful messages that create real interest and real change. Why? Because storytelling taps into the reader’s subconscious desire to take action.

Who should take this course?

Do you want your clients to truly ‘get’ your messages? Do you want to generate authentic interest? Do you want them to take action? Then Storytelling with Impact is for you.

What does it cover?

Storytelling with Impact shows participants how to harness the power of storytelling to make any text more interesting and impactful. Participants learn how to incorporate archetypal themes such as:

  • Overcoming limitations in thinking and acting (buying)
  • Receiving help from a mentor/teacher (selling/consulting)
  • Getting people to change (consulting)
  • Committing to an idea (programs and processes)
  • Making the most of allies (teamwork)
  • Understanding enemies (challenges and competition)

What will participants come away with?

Participants will come away with the ability to incorporate business-like storytelling techniques into their documents and presentations to engage readers and achieve their goals.

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