From Conflict to Resolution


From Conflict to Resolution-600Why take the course?

Staff aren’t speaking to their superiors. Managers aren’t making their needs clear to the staff. People are afraid to say what they feel.

Unfortunately, these symptoms are all too common in today’s workplace. This course performs two main functions. It helps heal existing workplace conflict and it helps prevent future conflicts from occurring. These problems never solve themselves, and it’s better to act sooner rather than later.

Who should take this course?

From Conflict to Resolution is perfect for individuals and departments struggling to regain a positive working environment. Some organizations choose to divide staff and managers. Others bring everybody together at once. And some do both.

What does it cover?

From Conflict to Resolution is one of our most challenging courses, and one of the most rewarding. In a positive, non-confrontational atmosphere, participants have the opportunity to:

  • support each other in a series of exercises, tasks and functional ‘games’
  • learn to see problems and issues from someone else’s point of view to help solve current conflict
  • practice ways of learning to keep future problems from arising

What will participants come away with?

Participants will gain new skills in communicating their ideas and listening to what others have to say. They will see the immediate benefits of working in a mutually-supportive atmosphere. They will learn to get more done in the course of each day—and see how pleasurable that can be.

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