Writing with Impact


Writing with Impact-800

Why take this course?

The ability to write well is vital to getting things done in the business world. But this is just half the battle. When you really need people to understand, remember, and act, your message must grab the reader’s attention and keep it until you achieve your objective. Writing with Impact shows you how to target your readers strategically, make information jump off the page, and use ‘tricks of the trade’ to persuade and convince.

Who should take this workshop?

Anybody who writes at work can benefit from this proven and highly successful workshop. It will help people across all levels of your organization make a dramatic and immediate improvement to their business writing, from emails to hundred-page PowerPoint presentations.

What does it cover?

Writing with Impact teaches you how to:

  • Link your objectives to your target readers for maximum impact
  • Create structure and flow to capture and maintain interest
  • Use narrative and storytelling techniques to engage the reader

What will participants come away with?

All of the workshops are run by a professional business copywriter and trainer. They are also based on participants’ own documents – so they can apply what they learn to their ongoing work right away. Participants will learn how to write compelling emails, reports, and presentations that achieve their goals.


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