Top Ten Training Content Tips

At complete communications, we put a lot of effort into the content of our training workshops. After all, people don’t come to us to sit back and listen. They come to learn better ways of communicating at work – writing a great presentation, delivering it professionally and with style, moving their career forward and solving workplace conflict.

Doug Harward, CEO and Founder of Training Industry, Inc., is an internationally recognized expert in competitive analysis when it comes to training. His most recent blog over at is about exceptional content – content that not only reflects design, preparation and development, but that also provides the participant with an interactive and professional experience.

Harward looked at seven years of data from Training Industry’s annual research study on training in high performing organizations. When it comes to training content development, he says that the best performing companies:

  • use industry, company or job-relevant examples
  • involve subject matter experts
  • use simulation to engage learners
  • use research-based information
  • incorporate experiential activities
  • use blended delivery methods for different learning styles
  • include user-friendly support materials
  • use innovative in design that incorporates new technologies
  • transition course materials back to those who request the training
  • include post-training activities

We agree with Harward’s findings. When it comes to adult learning in professional settings, the right content delivered in the right way is crucial to creating real change. People who are experts, delivering meaningful material that truly engages participants – this is what best-practice companies expect…and it’s what they deserve to receive.

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